Graduate Students

2016    Qiong Tang, M. S., Materials Science

2014    Natalie Forbes, Ph. D., Research Chemist, Flotek Chemistry. 

2013    KyuHan Kim, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Seoul National Institute of
             Science and Technology, Korea.

2012    Ian Shieh, Ph. D., Technical Development Scientist at Genentech.

2010    Benjamin Wong, Ph. D., Research Physical Scientist, US Army
             Medical Research Institute for Chemical Defense.

2009    Youn Jin Min, Ph. D., U. Akron, Dept. Chemical Engineering

2008    Patrick Stenger, Ph.D., R&D Senior Scientist, Proctor and Gamble.

2007    Ryan van Zanten, Ph. D., Production Engineer at Shell Oil Company.

2006    Cecile Boyer, Ph. D., New products innovation and development

2005    Timothy Alig, Ph. D., Senior Process Engineer at Intel.             

2004    Ben Ohler, Ph. D., Director of Marketing at Asylum Research. 

2003    Junqi Ding, Ph. D., Principal Scientist at Unilever Company            

2002    Bret A. Coldren, Ph. D., Director – Pharmaceutical Development at Ionis

2001    Edward Kisak, Ph. D., CSO and Co-Founder at Tioga Research.

1999    Dawn Takamoto, Ph. D., Self-Employed, San Francisco, CA

1998    Michael Kennedy, Ph. D. 1998, Principal Scientist, Drug Product
             Technologies, Amgen, Inc.

1997    Michael Lipp, Ph. D. 1997, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development &
            Technical Operations, Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.

1996    Scott Walker, Ph. D., Principal Process Engineer at H.B. Fuller.

1995    Edward Naranjo, Ph. D., Director of Fire & Gas Systems, Rosemount
             Flame & Gas Detection at Emerson Automation Solutions.

1994    Ravi Viswanathan, Ph. D. 1994, General Partner, New Enterprise

1994    John T. Woodward IV, Ph. D., National Institutes of Standards and

1994    Shivkumar Chiruvolu, Ph. D., Senior Business Director, Applied Materials

1993    Marjorie Longo, Ph. D., Professor, UC Davis Department of Chemical

1989    Stuart Bailey, MS, Senior Scientist, Process Development, Engineering at


2013-2017   Amit Sachan, Scientific Research Assistant II, ETH Zurich.

2014            Zhenping Qin, 2014, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering,
                     UT Dallas.

2013-2015    Maria Olu Ogunyankin, Research Investigator, Bristol-Meyer Squibb.

2011-2012    Siyoung Choi, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular
                       Engineering, KAIST.

2008-2010    Prajna Dhar, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering,
                       University of Kansas.

2008-2010    Sigfried Steltenkamp, Research Scientist, University of Freiburg.

2006-2007    Brian Prevo , Materials Science Research Director, Nike Explore

2004-2008    Guohui Wu, Senior Project Scientist, Unilever Research.

2004-2006    Jon Fernsler, Professor of Physics, California Polytechnic University,
                      San Luis Obispo. 

2004-2007    Coralie Alonso, Global R&D Manager of Hair Care at Ashland.

2003-2005    Vikram Prasad, Research Scientist, Dow Chemical Fluid Interfaces

2002-2004    Frank Bringezu, Principal Scientist, Non-Clinical Safety at Merck,

2001-2004    Ivo Doudevski, Materials Research Institute, Penn State University.

2000-2003    Heidi Warriner, Optical Engineer, Panavision.

2000-2003    Cara Evans, Food Research Scientist, Nestle Corporatio

1998-2000    Hee Tae Jung, KAIST Chair, Professor of Chemical Engineering,
                      Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. 

1997-1999    Anja von Nahmen, Integrationsplanstelle at Johnson & Johnson Inc.

1997-1999   Dirk Trommeshauser, Title Head of Administration and Scientific
                      Support / DMPK

1996-1998    Evgeny Ter-Ovanesyan, , Founder, Physmedix, Consulting to
                       Medical Device Industry.

1995-1997    Sarah Keller, Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington

1994-1997    Ka Yee Christina Lee, Professor of Chemistry, University of Chicago.

1993-1995    Lars Madsen, Senior IT Executive at Amager Ressourcecenter.

1992-1995    Mark Spector, Program Officer, Office of Naval Research.

1991-1992    Jorgen Garnaes, Staff Scientist at Danish Fundamental Metrology

1991-1992    Daniel Schwartz, Glenn L. Murphy Endowed Professor, Department
                       of Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado.

2017 party

Party at Dr. Zasadzinski’s house during the 2017 AICHE meeting in Minneapolis.